Sunday, December 30, 2018

2019 Calendar

This is the last calendar I'll be ordering from Shutterfly. Their shipping and packaging practices just don't seem to be what they used to be. One shipment of 18 calendars took a month to arrive, had broken open and only contained 13 calendars.

 I was happy when they re-printed the order at no cost and sent it out before the original shipment eventually arrived. Some extra free calendars would be very nice. But, this shipment too was delayed and when it arrived it only contained 6 calendars.

So, I ended up with only one calendar I didn't pay for with some messy packages and weeks of waiting included. The task now is to find a quality replacement at an affordable price before next fall.

All of the photos in this year's calendar were made in either Maine or Nova Scotia. A detailed list of locations and shooting information is contained in a pdf file at

The photos themselves can be viewed in a gallery on Zenfolio located at

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