Truland Photography

Thursday, December 21, 2023

December Adjustments

The only gear change since my last entry here is that I traded in my RF 85mm f/2 IS STM lens for cash. I did get the 24mm and 35mm versions of the lens on the Black Friday refurbished sale from Canon, and used them once, but found that six prime lenses and the 24-240mm zoom lens was too much for a single camera body. 

I could have returned the two new lenses but the sale was so good that by including the 85mm lens and a backpack I was no longer using, I received significantly more from MPB than just the return credit. The trade-in process with MPB is also infinitely simpler than returning something to Canon.

I now use a couple of Case Logic Kontrast series bags with the prime lenses and a small flash in one bag and the 24-240mm lens in a holster. The camera body can be attached to a lens in either bag although it normally is in the holster with the zoom lens. Here are the two bags.

The Case Logic Kontrast series is discontinued and I am actively looking for the Kontrast backpack which would hold all the gear and be useful for longer hikes. Here is the backpack. [UPDATE: I found a backpack through]