Truland Photography

Saturday, July 31, 2010


The photo site has, at present, collections from two locations in the Capital region of New York State.

One, which I can walk to from my home, is Peebles Island State Park, located at the confluence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers. A website for the park exists at which contains directions and maps.

Visher Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve is located on 600 acres in the Town of Clifton Park and consists of an old section of the Erie Canal along a four mile stretch of the Mohawk River. It is not a formal park but trails are maintained and there are parking areas. A Website with some information is located at

As photos from other locations are organized into collections on the website details will be provided in blog entries.


Welcome to the blog companion to my photo web site located at This blog, the website itself and my twitter feed at are the tools I will use to share my nature photography.

The zenfolio site contains the photos along with the means to order prints, etc. The twitter feed will provide instant notice of updates and inportant information. This blog willl contain background information which may be of interest regarding equipment, locations, etc.