Truland Photography

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waiting for Spring

It's late February, but the sun rose this morning to sub zero temperatures. I'm still pretty much reading about photography, ordering accessories, researching possible new lenses, etc. Everything but actually taking pictures.

So, some of my new toys since last Fall are my MacBook Pro and my Verizon iPhone 4. One of my favorite pastimes with both is streaming video, mainly and Al Jazeera English.

The iPhone has the potential to be a really fun "always carry" camera. In addition to the app that comes with the phone, I've got Camera Plus Pro, Camera +, GorillaCamQuick Snap - Camera Plus, ToonCamera and  360 Panorama. Most are full featured apps with slightly different features. The last two are, of course, single purpose apps.

I've got a BushHawk shoulder stock on back order which I can't wait to use with my EF 400 5.6L. I've also ordered a Gary Fong iPhone tripod mount which will also be a nice stand for watching streaming video, etc.

Here's hoping it warms up soon. In the meantime, COME ON YOU IRONS!