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Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas Tree Lights

It's a nice balmy 50 degrees today but it's also pouring rain with dense fog. One thing about renting a lens is that you feel like you're wasting each day's money if you don't use it. So, this morning I used the 85mm Tamron for my usual out of focus Christmas tree shots.

This series goes from the lens set at minimum focusing distance to almost in focus at f/2.

I had planned on sticking the little Canon 90EX flash in the bag but I couldn't get it to work yesterday. I was trying to use it on the 5D Mark III body I bought used back in October. All of the settings for this flash are controlled by the camera and even though it's a tiny flash it can be use as a master to control slave units and if it's set for that function the flash won't fire. I reset the external flash settings and it now works.

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