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Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Late Start to 2019

A combination of weather, my cataract surgery and late sunrises and early sunsets seem to have conspired against me doing much with my cameras. I sent the Tamron 85mm lens back to LensRentals two days early after packing it up four days early.

Currently I'm carrying around just one of my 5D Mark III bodies with the 24-105mm L lens attached. A recent used bag purchase give me a nice compact kit which includes my bigger flash, filters, extra batteries and memory cards, remote release, rocket blower etc. I've been keeping an eye out for a used ThinkTank Speed Freak shoulder bag which is the slightly smaller version of a bag I used to own but sold after I stopped using grips on my bodies.

This morning I ventured from the car briefly at the Hudson River and Cohoes Falls in the Mohawk River. The temperature was 11 degrees with a 2 degree wind chill.

These are all hand held five file HDR composites at f/8 and ISO 100.





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