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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Leap Day on Peebles Island

The sun is still low enough so that even at noontime the light is not overly harsh and shadows can still be interesting. I took a walk around Peebles Island between noon and 1:00 PM.

It was still below freezing so the trails were not as muddy as they would have been otherwise.  I just carried the EOS RP with RF 35mm lens so was not interested in either eagles or deer.

I'm pretty set on my plans to add a Canon EOS 5DS to my bag which will enable me to sell my EF-S lenses as the 7D Mark II will be solely used with longer lenses for wildlife and sports. I just have to wait for the right opportunity to come along. The RP will be used as a small option with the 35mm lens as well as a second full frame body on occasion with the 5DS.

Here are some images from today.

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  1. Beautiful photography, David Truland. Love Peebles Island for hiking and views. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area.