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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

A Really Cheap, Versatile Lens

If you look at the photo of the new backpack in my last post, you'll notice that a central compartment is being taken up by a lens hood which is usually on the 85mm lens. Nature abhors an empty bag compartment.

I was checking prices on a cheap, Canon kit lens, the RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM, and ran across an offer to good to be refused. This lens has a NSRP of $399, Canon sells refurbished copies for $320, MPB sells like new copies for $240 and for some reason, Lens Rentals is selling like new former rentals (10 rentals max) for $140.

The lens costs $18 for a 7 day rental along with $25 shipping. It could be that hardly anyone rents a lens they can afford to buy and which costs less to rent than the shipping. I don't know how many they have available but it is still listed after I bought mine.

The lens has some interesting features like close focusing to .4X and 7 stops of image stabilization with my EOS R6. The image quality is also pretty good. Here is a sample at 105mm and f/8 processed with DxO Photolab 6 which you can click to zoom in on beyond 100%.

The empty compartment is now filled.

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