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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

A New Backpack

Unfortunately, a whole new set of lenses usually requires a different bag. After trying different ways to use the bags I already have, I decided to take advantage of a sale to pick up a Lowepro Flipside BP 300AW III backpack.

The biggest issue was the new lenses are much smaller in both diameter and length than my previous lenses and the bags ended up being much larger than necessary. Unless I filled in spaces with things I didn't really need to carry around like flashes and tripods.

This backpack only weighs a little over 8 pounds with the gear and opens from the front of the backpack, which is up against your body when carrying. This lets you put the bag down on the ground to access the gear without getting the part that's against you wet and dirty.

Here is a shot of the gear in the bag. You can read a review of the bag at

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