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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Canon Full Frame Mirrorless

A really good sale on Canon's EOS RP body convinced me to grab one before the current deal is scheduled to end at the end of the month. It's likely that there will be an extension since prices of electronics rarely go up in the month of December, but you never know.

The RP is a full frame mirrorless body with a 26MP sensor, basically an EOS 6D Mark II without the trappings of a DSLR like a mirror, pentaprism, focusing screen, etc. One problem is that it produces new .CR3 RAW files that my HDR software will not process. The version of Canon's software that I can run on my MacBook Air also will not process these RAW files. For the time being I have the camera set to produce both RAW and JPG files with lens corrections being done in the camera on the jpg files. It's not ideal but eventually I will be able to use my usual workflow.

Also on sale was the RF 35mm f/1.8 IS STM macro lens. While the adapter that came free with the camera lets me use any of my lenses on the RP, the RF mount lenses are newer designs made for the mirrorless cameras.

Here are some samples from today.

5 file HDR from jpg files
f/6.7, 1/45 sec., ISO 200
f/8, 1/20 sec., ISO 200
f/8, 1/45 sec., ISO 200
5 file HDR from jpg files

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