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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Exit the M3, Enter the 50D, An Old Friend

I gave up trying to sell the EOS M3 kit locally and took it up to Ray Supply in Glens Falls to trade in on one of the two used EOS 50D bodies they have. I've owned three different copies of the 50D and back in 2010 two 50D bodies were what I was shooting everything with.

After I picked up my first full frame camera I migrated from the 50Ds to 7Ds, a 60D, 70D and an 80D, all of which have been sold. The 50D, announced in 2008, was the last of the Canon xxD line with a magnesium shell and fixed LCD screen. It also doesn't shoot video. In other words, just what I like.

Of the two 50D bodies at Ray Supply, one had 55,000 shutter activations and one had 29,000. I picked the one with lesser use, and if the serial numbers are sequential, it's also newer. The 50D will be a backup to my 5D Mark III and see some use with longer lenses for wildlife, etc. It will also  probably see occasional use as an accompaniment, with the 24-105mm lens (38-168mm eq.), to the 5DIII with the 17-40mm lens.

Here is an iPhone shot with the 40mm pancake lens mounted followed by some quick grabs with the 50D out in the yard with the 55-250mm lens.

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