Monday, April 23, 2018

EOS M3 Dilemma

I've not yet had a single inquiry about the EOS M3 kit I've been trying to sell. So, I decided to take it out this morning with the 55-250mm lens I'm not trying to sell for some nature shots.

My plan has been to replace the M3 with a 70D or a 7D Mark II to use with this lens, at least for now, and also my 24-104mm lens, which has an equivalent focal length of 38.4-168mm on the crop sensor bodies. Either the 70D or 7D Mark II will bracket 5 or even 7 exposures at 7 frames per second and 10 frames per second respectively. As I've mentioned, the M3 brackets exposures at about one frame per second.

The other issue I have with the M3, as I've mentioned, is that I can't process files with my usual Canon software version which won't run on my MacBook Air with High Sierra (Mac OS 10.13). The newer version of the Canon software will run on my old MacBook Pro which runs Sierra (Mac OS 10.12), however, so yesterday I did a comparison on a couple of RAW files processing them in Canon DPP 4 on the old computer, Photoshop Elements 2018 and Photomatix Pro 6 on the new computer.

The Photoshop Elements and Photomatix processing definitely did a better job, as long as lens aberrations aren't a big issue, which on the longer zoom lens they really aren't. So today I processed the RAW files in Photoshop elements and here are the results.

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