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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

We're still in the grip on a frigid spell. But really cold temperatures are good for some things. Ice at Cohoes Falls is one of them.

It's only about a 200 foot walk from the car to the overlook depending where there's a parking spot. The 1 degree temperature and -16 degree wind chill made it feel longer on the way back, though. In these temperatures you don't linger. The first shot was made at 10:02:27 AM and the last shot at 10:05:08 AM.

These are all 5 bracketed files +/- 1 EV with +1/2 EV exposure compensation. HDR processing was in Photomatix Pro's Painterly 5 preset with saturation cut back to 0. The aperture for all images is f/8 at ISO 100.

Unfortunately, there aren't different vantage points available this time of year. Trees in the foreground and a chain link fence limit the options. Zooming is about the only way to get a different perspective. The other overlook is not open after the end of October.

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