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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Peebles Island Trail Scenic Project Ends

The year long effort to document the trails on Peebles Island, which began last March 22nd, has come to an end. The thirty images I made and uploaded to the Zenfolio gallery yesterday bring the project total to 290 photographs.

Between now and March 20th, the first day of Spring, little will change on the island so I've decided the project has run its course. I hope to produce a 2014 calendar from the images which will involve choosing seasonally appropriate shots and probably going back to the RAW files and process them in a way more appropriate fot printing purposes.

I've decided on another year long project for Peebles Island which I'll begin once Spring arrives. I'll describe it once I have some images to post.

Here are five images from yesterday's project wrap-up. I once again used the 1D Mark III with the 17-40mm lens. All photos are three file HDR images made at f/8 and processed with Photomatix Essentials.

My next blog entry will be what I think are the four best images from the project, one from each season.  After that, the blog will see no more trail scenics from Peebles Island.

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