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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Wrapping Up Cohoes Falls For The Season

I've been to the soon to close Cohoes Falls overlook park a lot in recent weeks. It's been good conditions, lots of water, sometimes sun and sometimes clouds. Also, it's a good place to test out combinations of gear which I've been doing lately.

This afternoon, I went back, for the last time before this overlook closes, with the 7D Mark II and 17-55mm lens. Today's trip resulted in 20 new images added to my Cohoes Falls gallery at

Today, I tried to capture images a bit different from previous trips and also tried to include rainbows when possible. Fences, power lines and trees really limit the variety of compositions available.

At this point, the only new things I can bring to these scenes are based on water level, clouds and wind (which creates the rainbows). One thing I haven't done in a few years is get down the river bed. The problem there is you can only do that when there's almost no water coming over the falls. In any case, it's on my list for next summer.

Here are some shots from today which I hope may be a bit different from recent visits to the falls. If you're getting tired of these scenes, never fear, it'll be May before the overlook is open again.

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