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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Between the Storms

Last Friday saw my area receive about thirteen inches of heavy wet snow which has mostly melted away by now. We're scheduled for another round of snow tomorrow through Thursday.

The forecast this time is for six to twelve inches of snow. But last Friday the forecast was for one to three inches of snow and we got thirteen inches. Maybe this time we'll get the one to three inches.

This morning was nice and sunny with temperatures below freezing so that the trails on Peebles Island were nice and firm. I wanted to try out a sling bag that's been sitting in my gear closet. The Loewpro Slingshot 302AW is big enough to fit the 5DIII and the M3 along with a few extras. In fact, the bag's a bit too big. If you fill it up it's too heavy to carry for long on the single strap. Less than filled and the bag seems way too clumsy for what you're carrying. The search for the perfect bag continues.

I got a couple of Bald Eagle shots and a Hudson River scenic looking East from the pavilion area toward the spot where I shoot the sunsets. Here's a Strava screen shot of the walk to which I've added some reference points.

A - my favorite nest viewing location
N - the nest
B - the earth works from which the eagle in the tree shot was made
E - the eagle in the tree location
C - the shooting position for the Hudson River scenic

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