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Friday, February 2, 2018

EOS M3 and EF-S 55-250mm STM Lens

I got out this morning for the first time with my EOS M3 and the lens which replaced my DO zoom. It's kind of a cool looking setup as you can see.

The lens does extend with zooming and with the lens hood on and zoomed out to 250mm, it's almost twice as long.  It weighs just over half what the DO zoom weighed and while I'm giving up 50mm of reach, I'm gaining a lot of image quality. Which is strange when going from a lens with a list price of $1,399 to one which can be had new (grey market) for $170.

So I took the setup over to Peebles Island this morning. It was cold but clear and sunny. I first shot the Eagle nest to see what kind of shots I'll be able to get once they hopefully settle in later this month. It looks like they're keeping the nest up but I haven't seen them on or around it. This is a 100% crop and I'm happy with the quality.

Then, of course there are the deer. This shot is not cropped and is a JPG from RAW processed with Photoshop Elements 18, which I had to buy today from the Mac App Store since my trial version downloaded from Adobe ran out. $10 cheaper on the App Store. The M3 requires a version of Canon's software that won't run on my MacBook Air for some reason. There really is no substitute for being able to adjust white balance after the fact.

These last two shots are of the third branch of the Mohawk River at the wide end of the zoom. Even though the M3 auto brackets exposures at about a frame a second, the HDR software still manages to line things up for a decent result. The M3 will only bracket 3 files and these are +/- 1 2/3 EV.

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