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Monday, August 21, 2017

Hydroelectric Dam Abstracts

I walked around Peebles Island yesterday morning with my EOS 7D and the 200mm f/2.8L lens that I'm trying to sell. I was mostly looking for wildlife but didn't have much luck in that department.

The Mohawk River is running a little high due to the over an inch and a half of rain the region received two days ago. The hydroelectric dam that runs between Peebles Island and Bock Island is still missing its wooden extension although the wooden supports are now also gone and the water flows smoothly over the concrete dam. You can read about the dam in a blog post here.

Carrying only the crop sensor 7D and the 200mm (320mm equivalent) lens, I was limited in my compositional options. The 7D will only bracket three files so I exposed normal, - 1 1/2 and + 1 1/2 EV files. The 200mm lens does not have image stabilization but the 7D shoots at 8 frames a second so hand held HDR processing was a possibility.

Here are some results, all processed simply with Photomatix Pro's default presets.

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