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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DxO Mark FilmPack Film Emulation Software

While I'm waiting for my eyes to clear up, I decided to delve into the applications folder of my MacBook and play a bit with some software I downloaded for free over a year ago. DxO Mark is both a software company and a website which rates lens and camera sensor performance.

One of their software packages is a film emulation software called FilmPack. When DxO Mark releases a new version of the software they usually offer free licensess for the prior version for a limited time. I happened to get ahold of version 3 of the software in October of 2013 just after they came out with version 4. The current software is version 5.

This software is designed to  take .jpg files and theoretically alter them to emulate what the image would have looked like shot on one of numerous film emulsions, some if not most of which, are no longer in production.

As a subject photo I chose a single frame image (not HDR processed) from 2010. The image was shot with a Canon EOS 50D and an EF 17-40mm f/4L USM lens. Focal length was 32mm and aperture was f/4. Shutter speed was 1/800th of a second and ISO was 100. These are probably not the optimum settings for this subject but as I had jumped out of my car and ran back across a bridge to get the shot I probably just used the camera the way it was set up.

I decided to use emulations of transparency film I had experience shooting with back in my MInolta X700 days. I didn't really examine these to see the differences as my eyesight probably would make that difficult in any case.

Original Digital Image

Kodachrome 25

Kodachrome 64

Fuji Velvia 50

Fuji Provia 100

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