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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Gray Morning

I was up and out and the appointed time for a sunrise, but as I mentioned yesterday, I wasn't expecting one. As expected, the sky was overcast with a slight drizzle.

I did manage a walk around the beach at low tide, however. This shot, looking back at the beach parking lot from the shore at low tide shows the conditions.

It occurred to me as I viewed the shots that since they're already almost monochrome to process one that way and see the results. Here's the same shot with some contrast added as a black and white photo.

The softness at the horizon is a combination of haze, mist and probably some moisture on the UV filter element. I don't use protective filters as a rule, but in this weather I'd rather have drops of water on a filter than the lens itself.

There might be a chance for some interesting shots later today as the weather forecast includes the following weather advisory: "INCREASING ONSHORE FLOW AND ASTRONOMICAL HIGH TIDES COULD LEAD TO MINOR FLOODING TODAY."

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