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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Backyard Deer

I walked around Peebles Island with the EOS M and 70-300mm lens the other day and the combination really doesn't work. Zooming the lens is a pain due to the tiny size of the camera body. You almost have to twist the camera body to zoom the lens.

But, the M is my only crop sensor body at the current time and the 70--300mm lens is much better for wildlife when it provides a 480mm field of view at the long end. For wildlife that's closer in and on the larger side, the 300mm field of view which the lens provides on my full frame bodies is sufficient.

Late this morning there were seven White-tailed deer hanging around in the yard and since I've packed up the EOS M for sale again, I used one of the 5D Mark III bodies with the 70-300mm lens.

Some of these are cropped, some aren't.

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