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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Reflections, Rivulets and Rivers - Part 3, Rivers

As I hiked the Peebles Island perimeter trail heading North on the West side of the island I noticed that the water level was lower than it should be. The level on this section of the Mohawk River is controlled by a hydro-electric dam located near the Bald Eagle nest site. It was obvious that something had happened to the dam. There are never ripples in this section of the river. And the water is usually up to the duck blind. I'd estimate the level is about two feet lower.

This is what the dam looks like when it's all intact. Granted, the wooden extension is not the most confidence inspiring construction I've ever seen. When the water's really high, it flows over the top of the extension (Duh).

In any case, here's what the dam looked like once I got to it this morning. Lots of lumber floating down into the Hudson I'd say. This isn't the first time this has happened. The "before" photo above was made prior to the last time it got washed out. The wooden extension was then rebuilt. When it's fully functional, no water goes underneath the wooden part.

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