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Sunday, April 9, 2017

This Morning at the Bald Eagle Nest

I haven't been to the nest viewing site on Peebles Island since last Sunday, when I was pretty sure that there had not yet been a hatch. This morning, I'm pretty sure that there has been at least one hatch. The adult on the nest was paying much more attention to the nest and seemed to be interacting.

I spent about 90 minutes at the viewing site and did not see the other adult. I was hoping for a shift change to see if food was brought in, etc. Perhaps next time. Here are a bunch of 100% crops from this morning, all made with my 5D Mark III and Sigma 150-500mm lens at f/11 and ISO 800. I'm noting the time of each photo.

8:53 AM

9:24 AM

9:25 AM

9:26 AM

9:27 AM

9:56 AM

9:57 AM

9:58 AM

10:09 AM

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