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Monday, March 27, 2017

Leaves Melting Into Snow

The 22 inches of snow which fell two weeks ago is still hanging around even though it's the last week of March. It's been chilly and full sun has been sparse. But, there's been enough sun to heat up fallen leaves and twigs so that they melt down into the snow.

Instead of bracketing exposures, which might have been a good idea, I made single exposures, compensating for the fact that the camera's meter will try to make the snow gray. To be fair, though, the snow was gray as it was overcast, drizzling and the snow is two weeks old. One stop extra in addition to the metered exposure was about right.

I used my 5D Mark III and EF 100mm f/2.8L macro lens. I used ISO 400 and f/11. In post processing I boosted saturation a bit and lowered highlights some. Hopefully in a couple of days we'll see some sun. I'm overdue to check on the Bald Eagles.

All of the fallen leaf portraits can be viewed at

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