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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

100% Crops and a Video

Last Saturday I walked up along the old Champlain Canal trail North of Waterford with my 100mm macro lens. While I did get some decent closeups of wildflowers, I can't resist taking snaps of wildlife even when the gear isn't ideal.

Here a couple of images showing the view from the camera along with 100% crops.

Earlier this Spring "they" dug a drainage ditch along the trail to channel water from the old canal and keep the water away from the trail. Along this ditch tiny rivulets of water pour into the ditch from the larger swampy area at various points along the trail. At one spot there is a nice vantage point through the grasses and cattails. Here is a five second video of that spot. I'd like to get back there with a tripod and make some longer videos.

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