Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Well, like only five months ago, one of the Decorah Bald Eagles has been electrocuted on a power pole. That's two out of the three from this year's brood.

D14 had been fitted out with a transmitter, so that future knowledge is now also gone. You can read more about this sad incident on Raptor Resource Project's blog, here.

Still alive, for now, is D1 - a female Bald Eagle hatched at the Decorah nest site in 2011 who also wears a transmitter. You can follow her travels here. D1 has been spending her Summers on Hudson Bay in Canada, returning to Iowa for the Winter.

The parent eagles are building a new nest near the old nest site in Decorah, Iowa so we may not get to see the nest like in the past. Not necessarily a bad thing if they keep getting killed off like this year.

Below is a video of the first branching of the eaglets from June 9, 2012.

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