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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Stroll

It was a gorgeous, if a bit chilly, morning and I was able to enjoy my traditional Thanksgiving morning stroll around Peebles Island. I was ready for both wildlife and scenics as I started on the trails.

Not long after I started out, I see a deer bounding toward me past where I just came up the trail. I saw what I thought was another following it and thought - this is kind of strange. The deer on Peebles Island don't run much and when they do, its not at you.

As the second animal got closer to me I realized that it was a dog.  That explained the running deer. I ran back the trail a bit to intercept the dog and, when I shouted at it, it stopped and barked at me. So I decided to shoot the dog. But, all I had was a couple of cameras.

Canon EOS 1D Mark III, EF 300mm f.4L IS USM, f/8, 1/250 sec., ISO 400

As I had that camera set for wildlife I have no idea why it was set at f/8. Something more open with a faster shutter speed would have been preferable. At least the dog posed patiently.

After a bit, the dog ran off and I headed over that way to perhaps mention to the owner that dogs are supposed to be leashed while on park grounds. I didn't run into the dog or the owner for about an hour and made some decent trail scenics with the 50D Mark II and 24-70mm lens. Again, all are three shot hand held HDR composites. Some are shown below.

But, as I was leaving, I see a young woman with two dogs, one on a leash, one not. The one on a leash was my model from earlier.

I asked her if that was the dog that was loose earlier. She looked at me then said "He likes to take long runs in the woods [pause] and chase deer." I mentioned that being chased isn't really good for the deer to which she replied "It keeps them on their toes." I simply shook my head and moved on.

Here are some of the trail scenics:

I also got a nice scenic of an old mill on the Mohawk River in Waterford which is now an Ursula of Switzerland Boutique. I've never been inside but from their Facebook page at it seems like what you'd think an Ursula of Switzerland Boutique would be like. This image is also a 3 shot HDR with the 5D Mark II and 24-70mm lens.

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