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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

PhotoPlus Expo

In two and a half weeks, I'll be boarding an Amtrak train to attend the 2012 PhotoPlus International Expo in New York City.  The Expo is sponsored by Photo District News, a great photography periodical.

While I won't be attending any of the seminars or conference sessions, It will be exciting to be in the midsts of so many photography types at the Javits Convention Center. The list of exhibitors is impressive.

As I am located in upstate New York, I can't just stroll into a store like Adorama or B&H Photo in the city or Unique Photo in New Jersey to physically inspect accessories or handle the newest cameras and lenses. There used to be a nice independent camera store near me which I used to visit and, in fact, my Tamrac bags came from that store. Sadly, it closed a year or two ago.

In these days of internet shopping we're stuck with online reviews and youtube videos to try and get a sense of whether something will work for us or not.  I've ordered several items which simply weren't quite what I thought they would be and ended up selling them or storing them in a pile in the corner.

The Expo web site currently lists 226 entities which will be exhibiting their products or services. I'm particularly interested in examining the latest from Canon and accessory makers Gura Gear, Manfrotto, OP/TECH, Tamrac and Think Tank Photo.

I've been curious about Lensbaby products but have never had the opportunity to use any of their unique lenses. Similarly, Korean lens manufacturer Samyang recently announced a tilt/shift 24mm lens for Canon. Vivitar, which rebrands some Samyang lenses is an exhibitor and maybe will have a pre-production model.

While at the Expo I'll try to document the experience with photos and will do a report on what I hope is a fun day. To visit the Expo's web site, click here.

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