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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Focal Length Benchmarks

As an exercise, I took my lenses out this morning and took photos from the same position with zooms at their extremes, primes and some primes with 1.4x extender. The focal lengths I ended up with range from 17mm to 560mm. On a crop sensor Canon camera, the apparent focal length of the lens is 1.6 times longer than it would appear on a full frame or 35mm camera. The focal lengths are the real focal lengths of the lens or lens extender combination.

400 plus 1.4x (560)


200 plus 1.4x (280)

70-200 at 200


70-200 at 70


17-40 at 40

17-40 at 17

I was going to use the towers you can see at 50 and 40mm for the center of the images but it was too hazy to adequately resolve them with the long lenses. These were taken from Peebles Island looking toward the city of Cohoes.

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