Monday, October 11, 2010

Canon Shooter on Ogunquit Beach

No, it's not a new adult beverage intended to be consumed from a canonmugs shot glass (a 50 f/1.8?) but one of the things I watched overlooking the Ogunquit River and beach yesterday afternoon. I viewed, and photographed; seagulls, a biplane, surfers, fishermen and what appeared to be a wedding shoot - all from the comfort of my balcony.

The wedding shoot was particularly interesting. A photographer, his assistant and a couple dressed as a bride and groom were going through the motions on the beach at a location approximated by the red oval on this shot taken with my 17-40, about four hours earlier.

It's difficult to say if it was a real wedding, a fashion shoot or self promotion because, while the photographer and his assistant were dressed up, the bride was wading through the water in her gown at times and there was no entourage, limo, etc.

The photographer appeared to be using 5D bodies with 16-35 and 70-200 f/2.8 zooms. In any case, the photos below are 100% crops of shots taken at a distance of several hundred meters with a 50D, 400 f/5.6 with 1.4x extender mounted on a monopod.

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