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The following items are currently for sale. While I usually place ads on Craigslist and then, if they don't sell, use eBay to try to sell the item, sometimes the item is unique or for some reason doesn't sell at the particular time frame of the sale.

Unless I need the funds for some other purpose, I can wait until someone turns up who really would like the item. This is the page where I'll have information and pictures of items available for sale.

If you're local, I'm happy to meet in person to complete a sale. If you're not local, I have a Paypal account and we can complete the transaction that way.

Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM

I'm selling my Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens with Canon lens shade (which doesn't come with the lens). This lens is in excellent condition and is designed for Canon's crop sensor DSLRs such as all Rebel bodies and the xxD and 7D series. 

The lens has ring USM full time manual focusing and focuses to 1:1 macro with no adapters or filters. 

Canon describes the lens as: "A thoroughly modern design that's optimized for select Canon EOS digital SLRs. Its angle of view is equivalent to a 96mm lens on a 35mm camera, with a floating optical system that can focus down to full life-size (1:1) magnification. Inner focusing, driven by a silent and powerful ring-type USM, means the lens' overall length never changes during focus. This lens is a wonderful multi-purpose lens that's equally at home shooting macro shots, portraits or available-light photos."

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