Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sundown on Peebles Island

I'm glad that the 12 Days of Christmas project is done and over with. By limiting myself to one camera and lens combination (5D Mark II and 40mm pancake) and committing to post a photo a day I found that I wasn't using any other gear.

The weather was also cold and snowy which was fine but limited the variety of photo opportunities I came up with. My area received 13.3 inches of snow in December this year. All but .7 inches fell between Christmas Eve and the end of the month. In 2011, the area received .7 inches of snow the whole month of December. In addition, the temperature reached -5 degrees Fahrenheit on January 3rd, the first sub zero reading for almost two years.

So yesterday, I chose a different camera and lens combination (1D Mark III and 17-40mmm) and hiked Peebles Island right before sunset. I was bracketing 5 exposures for HDR processing. Here are a few of the results.

All were made at f/8 and ISO 400. The first two were at the lenses widest focal length of 17mm (22mm field of view) and the sunset was made at 21mm (27mm field of view).

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